City Commission
1/17/2012 6:30 PM
City Commission Chambers
9551 West Sample Road   Coral Springs, FL 33065
Agenda Packet
Call to Order
Roll Call
Performance By ___________________ School
Pledge of Allegiance
1. Recognitions/Proclamations/Presentations:
a. Recognitions, Holiday Parade Committee, Sponsors and Award Winners

Request that the City Commission recognize the (1) Holiday Parade Committee, (2) Holiday Parade Sponsors, and (3) Holiday Parade Award Winners.

1. Summary Sheet
b. Recognition, June Furrow

Request that the City Commission recognize Mrs. June Furrow for her many wonderful achievements as a senior citizen of Coral Springs.

1. Summary Sheet
2. Public Hearings/Announcements of Special Meetings & Workshops:
a. Ph - Customer Involved Government:
b. Ph - Excellence in Education:
c. Ph - Financial Health & Economic Development:
d. Ph - Neighborhood & Environmental Sustainability:
e. Ph - Strength in Diversity:
f. Ph - Youth Development & Family Values:
g. Ph - Traffic, Mobility and Connectivity:
3. Consent:
a. Con - Customer Involved Government:
1. Minutes Approval
a. Minutes of Jan 3, 2012 6:25 PM
2. Emergency Lighting and Vehicle Equipment

Request to renew contract for various vehicle accessories, supplies, and replacement parts via utilization of the Hillsborough County bid #22-08 from Law Enforcement Supply of Tampa, FL; Dana Safety Supply of Tampa, FL; and Emergency Vehicle Supply of Coconut Creek, FL from date of award through January 11, 2013.  This is the final year for this contract.  The estimated annual expenditure is $200,000.00.  (REQUEST TO RENEW) CIP

a. Summary Sheet
b. #1 - Vendor Acknowledgements of Contract Renewal
b. Con - Excellence in Education:
c. Con - Financial Health & Economic Development:
1. Invoices for Legal Services, Goren

Request to approve payment of invoices submitted by the law firm of Goren, Cherof, Doody and Ezrol, P.A., for legal services provided during the period of December 2011, in the amount of $2,598.50. The invoices reflect work performed regarding red light cameras, pension issues and upcoming arbitration.  (REQUEST TO APPROVE)


a. Summary Sheet
d. Con - Neighborhood & Environmental Sustainability:
1. Extension, Street Tree Subsidy Program for Older Neighborhoods

Request to approve a one-year extension of the Street Tree Subsidy Program (Account #102-3004-515.99-54), in the amount not to exceed $94,000, to December 31, 2012, for specific neighborhoods. (REQUEST TO APPROVE) GRN, NEC

a. Summary Sheet
b. #1 - Street Tree Locations Map
e. Con - Strength in Diversity:
f. Con - Youth Development & Family Values:
g. Con - Traffic, Mobility and Connectivity:
4. Citizen's Requests:
5. Commissioner Communications:
6. Policy Formation and Direction:
a. Pol - Customer Involved Government:
1. Purchase of Vehicles

Request to award purchase of 21 vehicles for various departments to various vendors as shown on the recommendation sheet via bid #12-C-034F, Florida State Contract #071-000-12-1 and Florida Sheriff’s Association bid #11-19-0907 in the amount of $499,468.41.  (REQUEST TO AWARD) CIP

a. Summary Sheet
b. Pol - Excellence in Education:
c. Pol - Financial Health & Economic Development:
1. Ordinance 2012-100, Second Reading: Amending Health and Liability Fund

Request to approve and adopt on second reading Ordinance 2012-100 amending the Health and Liability Fund amount by $100,000.00 for a total amount of $13,893,012.00.  First reading was held on January 3, 2012. (REQUEST TO APPROVE, ADOPT)

a. Summary Sheet
b. #1 - Ordinance 2012-100
2. Ordinance 2012-103, Second Reading: Lobbying Definitions

Request to approve and adopt on second reading Ordinance 2012-103, an ordinance amending definitions relating to “lobbyist” and “lobbying.” (REQUEST TO APPROVE, ADOPT)

a. Summary Sheet
b. #1 - Ordinance 2012-103
3. Unleaded Gasoline and Diesel Fuel

Request to renew the contract for unleaded gasoline and diesel fuel through the Southeast Florida Governmental Purchasing Cooperative Group, RFP #09-A-149 to Port Consolidated, Inc. of Ft. Lauderdale, FL, beginning April 1, 2012 and terminating on March 31, 2014 with one additional two-year renewal possible.  The estimated annual expenditure for the City of Coral Springs under this contract is approximately $1,298,427.00 for diesel fuel and unleaded gasoline.  (REQUEST TO RENEW)

a. Summary Sheet
b. #1 - First Amendment to Memorandum of Understanding
d. Pol - Neighborhood & Environmental Sustainability:
1. Ordinance 2012-102, Second and Final Reading, Moratorium on the City's Affordable Housing Regulations

Request to approve and adopt on second reading Ordinance 2012-102 enacting a moratorium on Chapter 2, Article II of the Land Development Code of Coral Springs entitled “Affordable Housing Programs” for a period of one year. (REQUEST TO APPROVE, ADOPT)

a. Summary Sheet
b. #1 - Ordinance 2012-102
2. Interlocal Agreement Between Broward County and the City of Coral Springs for HOME Funds

Request to approve Interlocal Agreement between Broward County and the City of Coral Springs for the administration and disbursement of HOME funds for FY 2010/2011 for $329,950.00 and FY 2011/2012 for $295,381.00, and authorize the appropriate City Officials to execute the agreement. (REQUEST TO APPROVE, AUTHORIZE)

a. Summary Sheet
b. #1 - Interlocal Agreement 2010/2011
c. #2 - Interlocal Agreement 2011/2012
e. Pol - Strength in Diversity:
f. Pol - Youth Development & Family Values:
g. Pol - Traffic, Mobility and Connectivity:
7. City Manager's Communication:
8. City Attorney's Communication:
9. Adjourn

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