City Commission
4/3/2012 6:30 PM
City Commission Chambers
9551 West Sample Road   Coral Springs, FL 33065
Agenda Packet
Call to Order
Roll Call
Performance By Park Springs Elementary School
Pledge of Allegiance
1. Recognitions/Proclamations/Presentations:
a. Recognition, Ryan Draddy - Eagle Scout

Request that the City Commission recognize Ryan Draddy for becoming an Eagle Scout.

1. Summary Sheet
b. Proclamation, Water Conservation Month

Request that the City Commission proclaim April 2012 as Water Conservation Month in the City of Coral Springs.

1. Summary Sheet
c. Proclamation, Arbor Day

Request that the City Commission proclaim Saturday, April 14, 2012 as Arbor Day in the City of Coral Springs.

1. Summary Sheet
d. Proclamation, Fair Housing Month

Request that the City Commission proclaim April 2012 as “Fair Housing Month” in the City of Coral Springs, Florida. CDBG

1. Summary Sheet
e. Presentation, Jeffrey Keller YMCA
f. Presentation, 2012 Legislative Session, Ericks Consulting

Presentation on the 2012 Legislative Session by David Ericks of Ericks Consulting.

2. Public Hearings/Announcements of Special Meetings & Workshops:
a. Ph - Customer Involved Government:
1. Conditional Approval Petition, Eduardo L. Carcache, CKE Group, Inc. (Q1-CA-12)

Request to hold a public hearing and quasi-judicial hearing and approve a petition for conditional approval in accordance with Section 250568(5) of the Land Development Code for a fast food restaurant with drive-thru service in the B-2 (Community Business) zoning district to be located at 9190 Wiles Road, legally described as a Portion of Tract A, Royal Land, 3rd Addition. (REQUEST TO HOLD PUBLIC HEARING, QUASI JUDICIAL HEARING, APPROVE) Q1-CA-12

a. Summary Sheet
b. Petition (Q1-CA-12)
c. Exhibit A - Site Map
d. Exhibit B - Site Plan
e. Exhibit C - Cuschieri Feb 28 2012
f. Exhibit D - Vargas Letter Feb 29 2012
b. Ph - Excellence in Education:
c. Ph - Financial Health & Economic Development:
d. Ph - Neighborhood & Environmental Sustainability:
1. Ordinance 2012-101, First Reading, Criteria for Storm Debris Removal in Private Communities

Request to hold public hearing and approve first reading of Ordinance 2012-101 by amending the Code defining the criteria by which the City may remove storm debris in private communities, and to set second reading for April 17, 2012. (REQUEST TO HOLD HEARING, APPROVE, SET SECOND READING)

a. Summary Sheet
b. #1 - Ordinance 2012-101
e. Ph - Strength in Diversity:
f. Ph - Youth Development & Family Values:
g. Ph - Traffic, Mobility and Connectivity:
3. Consent:
a. Con - Customer Involved Government:
1. Minutes Approval
a. Minutes of Mar 20, 2012 6:30 PM
b. Minutes of Mar 27, 2012 5:00 PM
2. Interlocal Agreement with Sheriff of Broward County

Request to approve an Interlocal Agreement between the City of Coral Springs, Florida and Sheriff of Broward County, Florida for delivery of emergency medical and fire protection services by the City within certain portions of unincorporated Broward County.  (REQUEST TO APPROVE)

a. Summary Sheet
b. #1 - Interlocal Agreement
b. Con - Excellence in Education:
c. Con - Financial Health & Economic Development:
1. Invoices for Legal Services, Johnson, Anselmo, et al.

Request to approve payment of invoices submitted by the law firm of Johnson, Anselmo, Murdoch, Burke, Piper & Hochman, P.A. for legal services provided during the period of February 2012, in the amount of $2,627.35. The services provided include reviewing potential liability issues that the City is facing with a current contractor, phone conferences, and meetings with both City Attorney and City Staff. (REQUEST TO APPROVE)

a. Summary Sheet
2. Tree Trimming Services-Term Contract Renewal

Request to renew the contract for tree trimming services, bid #08-B-069F, to Phils Expert Tree Service, Inc., Coconut Creek, FL, beginning May 1, 2012 through April 30, 2014.  The estimated annual expenditure is $30,000.00.  (REQUEST TO RENEW)

a. Summary Sheet
b. #1 - Second Amendment to Agreement
3. Purchase of Ammunition

Request to award purchase of ammunition via Florida State Contract #680-050-12 to the following vendors: Lawmens & Shooters Supply, Inc. of Vero Beach, FL in the amount of $31,748.30; B&H Police Supply, LLC of Merritt Island, FL in the amount of $5,370.00; and Lous Police Distributors, Inc. of Hialeah, FL in the amount of $15,004.00.  (REQUEST TO AWARD)

a. Summary Sheet
b. #1 - Award Recommendaton Spreadsheet
4. Implementation for Comprehensive Security Upgrade for City Hall

Request to approve amendment to agreement, RFP 11-C-116 for the security system upgrades, installation, repair and maintenance to AVI Integrators, Inc. dba Security 101 of Pompano Beach, FL in the amount of $207,617.73. This item was originally approved on January 3, 2012. (REQUEST TO APPROVE) UASI

a. Summary Sheet
5. Event Fundraiser and Sponsorship Acquisition Services – 50th Anniversary Celebration

Request to award contract and authorize the Mayor to execute the contract for event fundraiser and sponsorship-acquisition services 50th Anniversary Celebration via utilization of City of Fort Lauderdale, FL contract #593-10144 to Jan Beth Idelman, Inc., of Fort Lauderdale, FL beginning day of award through March 2, 2013.  The estimated annual expenditure is $20,000.00.  (REQUEST TO AWARD) BP

a. Summary Sheet
b. #1 - Agreement
d. Con - Neighborhood & Environmental Sustainability:
e. Con - Strength in Diversity:
f. Con - Youth Development & Family Values:
g. Con - Traffic, Mobility and Connectivity:
4. Citizen's Requests:
5. Commissioner Communications:
6. Policy Formation and Direction:
a. Pol - Customer Involved Government:
1. Appointments, Broward League of Cities for the 2012-2013 Year

Request to appoint a Director, Alternate, and Second Alternate to attend and vote at any of the Broward League of Cities Board of Directors or General Membership meetings held where he/she represents his/her city. (REQUEST TO APPOINT)

a. Summary Sheet
b. #1 - Letter to Municipalities
2. Recognizing New Sports League - Futsal

Request the City Commission approve Coral Springs Futsal League (a form of soccer), run by F.C. United Nations of Florida, as a recognized sports league and set the sports participation fee at $11 per person per season.  (REQUEST TO APPROVE)

a. Summary Sheet
3. Interlocal Agreement, Cooperative Emergency Services Through Automatic Aid

Request to approve an Interlocal Agreement between the Cities of Coral Springs, Coconut Creek, Margate, and Parkland for cooperative emergency services through automatic aid.  (REQUEST TO APPROVE)

a. Summary Sheet
b. #1- Interlocal Agreement
c. #2 - City of Margate Resolution
d. #3 - City of Parkland Resolution
4. Discussion, Feasibility Study for Establishing Northwest Broward Fire District

Request to consider feasibility study for establishing a northwest Broward fire district.  (REQUEST TO CONSIDER)

a. Summary Sheet
b. Pol - Excellence in Education:
c. Pol - Financial Health & Economic Development:
d. Pol - Neighborhood & Environmental Sustainability:
e. Pol - Strength in Diversity:
f. Pol - Youth Development & Family Values:
g. Pol - Traffic, Mobility and Connectivity:
7. City Manager's Communication:
a. Provisional Accreditation Letter
b. Additional Appointments to 50th Anniversary Committee
a. #1 - Arnold, John
b. #2 - Besser, Ron
c. #3 - Cabral, Felix
d. #4 - Ciaramitaro, Nancy
e. #5 - Connors, Laura
f. #6 - Cristwell, Bessie
g. #7 - Doyle, Patrick
h. #8 - Fantel, Caryl
i. #9 - Farnum, Francis
j. #10 - Ferguson, Kristen
k. #11 - Filarecki, Daniel
l. #12 - Gendal, Mark
m. #13 - Guralnick, Evette
n. #14 - Harkavy, Jeff
o. #15 - Hollar, Ilona
p. #16 - Kadel, Kim
q. #17 - Kloor, Barbara
r. #18 - Kobasic, Kathleen
s. #19 - Kohl, Joan
t. #20 - Kraft, Stephanie
u. #21 - Leto, Pam
v. #22 - Lobel-Witlen, Sandy
w. #23 - Narcisse, Lisa
x. #24 - O'Leary, Nancy
y. #25 - Oistacher, Debbie
z. #26 - Purchon, Amanda
aa. #27 - Ratner, Ira
ab. #28 - Richardson, Linda
ac. #29 - Rodkin, Larry
ad. #30 - Ryan, Tania
ae. #31 - Thelemaque, Arnode
af. #32 - Thelemaque, Jean-Richard
ag. #33 - Verney, Carlos
ah. #34 - Weinstock, Marc
ai. #35 - Wicker, Stacey
aj. #36 - Gold, Roy
8. City Attorney's Communication:
9. Adjourn

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