City Commission
10/2/2012 6:30 PM
City Commission Chambers
9551 West Sample Road   Coral Springs, FL 33065
Agenda Packet
Call to Order
Roll Call
Roll Call
Performance By Riverside Elementary School
Pledge of Allegiance
1. Recognitions/Proclamations/Presentations:
a. Proclamation, Fire Prevention Week: "Be Rabbit Ready, Have Two Ways Out"

Request that the City Commission proclaim October 713, 2012, as Fire Prevention Week: Be Rabbit Ready, Have Two Ways Out.”

1. Summary Sheet
b. Recognition, Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Request that the City Commission recognize the firefighters wearing pink shirts with the Fire Department Maltese Cross and breast cancer ribbon throughout the month of October for Breast Cancer Awareness.

1. Summary Sheet
c. Presentation, Broward County Supervisor of Elections - Pat Nesbitt
2. Public Hearings/Announcements of Special Meetings & Workshops:
a. Ph - Customer Involved Government:
1. Special Exception, Alliance for Education (REQUEST TO HOLD PUBLIC HEARING NO EARLIER THAN 8:00 P.M.)

Request to hold a public hearing and quasi-judicial hearing to deny a petition of Alliance for Education, Inc. for a Special Exception from Sections 250352 and 250816 of the Land Development Code to allow a residential dormitory to accommodate up to 40 students with reduced parking requirements in the Medium Density Multiple-Family (RM-20) zoning district  located at 8793-8799 NW 35th Street, legally described as Lot 5, Block N, Coral Springs Village Green and authorize the City Attorneys Office to draft an order denying Q4-SE-12 and adopt said order. (REQUEST TO HOLD PUBLIC HEARING AND QUASI-JUDICIAL HEARING, DENY, AUTHORIZE) Q4-SE-12

a. Summary Sheet
b. #1 - Application Package
c. #2 - Exhibit A
d. #3 - Exhibit B
e. #4 - Exhibit C
f. #5 - Exhibit D
g. #6 - Exhibit E
h. #7 - Exhibit F
i. #8 - Exhibit G
b. Ph - Excellence in Education:
c. Ph - Financial Health & Economic Development:
d. Ph - Neighborhood & Environmental Sustainability:
1. Ordinance 2012-115, First Reading, Landlord Registration Program - Single-Family Dwelling

Request to hold a public hearing and approve first reading of Ordinance 2012-115 by amending Section 215(A) of the Land Development Code entitled “Landlord Registration Program,” by adopting a registration fee, renewal fee and late fee for landlord registrations for all types of rental properties and add registrations for single-family dwelling units that are rentals, including townhomes. (REQUEST TO HOLD HEARING, APPROVE, SET SECOND HEARING TO OCTOBER 16, 2012.)

a. Summary Sheet
b. #1 - Ordinance 2012-115
e. Ph - Strength in Diversity:
f. Ph - Youth Development & Family Values:
g. Ph - Traffic, Mobility and Connectivity:
3. Consent (Open for Citizen Comments Prior):
a. Con - Customer Involved Government:
1. Agreement, Law Enforcement Mutual Aid for Traffic Enforcement

Request to approve renewal of the Law Enforcement Mutual Aid Agreement for Traffic Enforcement between the governmental entities in Broward County and the Coral Springs Police Department retroactive from May 1, 2011 through April 30, 2014. (REQUEST TO APPROVE)

a. Summary Sheet
b. #1 - Law Enforcement Mutual Aid Agreement - Approval to Form
c. #2 - Law Enforcement Mutual Aid Agreement for Traffic
b. Con - Excellence in Education:
c. Con - Financial Health & Economic Development:
1. Invoices for Legal Services, Johnson, Anselmo, et al.

Request to approve payment of invoices submitted by the law firm of Johnson, Anselmo, Murdoch, Burke, Piper & Hochman, P.A. for legal services provided during the period of August 2012, in the amount of $4,822.65. The services provided include phone conferences with City Attorney regarding potential liability issues that the City is facing with a current construction contractor, case research, review of contracts and phone conferences with staff.  (REQUEST TO APPROVE)

a. Summary Sheet
d. Con - Neighborhood & Environmental Sustainability:
e. Con - Strength in Diversity:
f. Con - Youth Development & Family Values:
g. Con - Traffic, Mobility and Connectivity:
4. Citizens' Requests:
5. Commissioner Communications:
6. Policy Formation and Direction:
a. Pol - Customer Involved Government:
b. Pol - Excellence in Education:
c. Pol - Financial Health & Economic Development:
1. Contract for the Rehabilitation of Existing Ground Potable Water Storage Tanks

Request to award and authorize the Mayor to execute the contract for bid #12-B-113F for the rehabilitation of existing ground potable water storage tanks to Crom Engineering and Construction Services of Gainesville, FL, in the amount of $491,572.00. (REQUEST TO AWARD, AUTHORIZE) CIP

a. Summary Sheet
b. #1 - Bid Tabulation
c. #2 - Contract Document
Technology Upgrade: Items 2-4
2. Purchase of Network Infrastructure Equipment and Services

Request to approve Florida State Contract #250-000-09-1 for purchase of network infrastructure equipment and services with the following vendors: Dell Computer Marketing Limited Partnership of Round Rock, TX; Cisco Systems Inc. of San Jose, CA; America Power Conversion of West Kingston, RI; and NetApp, Inc. of Sunnyvale, CA, from October 2, 2012 through September 7, 2013, with an estimated annual expenditure of $1.3 million.  (REQUEST TO APPROVE) CIP

a. Summary Sheet
3. Contract for Computer Equipment, Peripherals, and Related Services

Request to approve contract for computer equipment, peripherals, and related services Western States Contracting Alliance (WSCA/NASPO) contract #B27160 to Dell Marketing LP of Round Rock, TX, from October 2, 2012 through August 31, 2014 with an estimated annual expenditure of $400,000.00. (REQUEST TO APPROVE)

a. Summary Sheet
b. #1 - Dell Participating Addendum
4. Purchase of Equipment for Emergency Operations Center Interoperable Communications Using Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) Funds

Request to award Item #13-D-004, purchase of Apple iPads and peripheral equipment to SHI Inc. of Piscataway, NJ, utilizing Florida State Contract #252-030-09-ACS in the amount not to exceed $89,311.57. (REQUEST TO AWARD) UASI


a. Summary Sheet
d. Pol - Neighborhood & Environmental Sustainability:
e. Pol - Strength in Diversity:
f. Pol - Youth Development & Family Values:
g. Pol - Traffic, Mobility and Connectivity:
7. City Manager's Communication:
8. City Attorney's Communication:
9. Adjourn

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